Monday, June 27, 2005

thankyou for your response post, Susanna

Thankyou Susanna.

I'm sure your post will generate further discussion.

As for me - I am a compulsive scribbler - give me any surface and I will scribble - that doesnt mean I always have something worthwhile to say.

And because of years (by golly - its now officially a DECADE...) of moderating experience on email lists and putting up stuff - web logging before "blog" became part of our everyday vocabulary because they found ways for people to journal online without having to know much code (even simple code like html) ... I seem to have no problems making an ass of myself online over and over again;-)

I will have substantive discussion/dialogue with your contribution hopefully later this week. Today I am off to Hyderabad, India - family and sabbatical related field work (working with my NGO collaborator and also possibly dialoguing with some livejournallers from those parts.

I'm expecting to be mobbed by family for a few days though.

more later,


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