Friday, June 03, 2005

Dear contributors...

Dear Webbing Cyberfeminist Practice Contributors:

Hope your summer is going well, and thanks so much for getting your revised 
manuscripts to us. During the summer we will be writing our introduction and
section intros in order to share our sections with the respondents and meet our
early fall deadline for a full review. We know it's a busy time, but we would like
very much for you to log onto our blogsite to begin self-introductions and
dialogue about the many facets of cyberfeminist work that are driving your
research in general and the collection in particular. Thanks so much to those of
you who have already done so. Some of you should have received an invitation
from in the last several weeks; if you have inadvertently deleted
this email, let us know and we can re-invite you. In the event you received your
invite a longer while ago, we will need to re-invite you and are in the process of
doing so. Our site is at ; we believe the blog
will help contribute to the dialogic nature of the collection and help us mirror that
within our print overview.

Looking forward to the conversation.

Kris, Radhika, and Christine


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