Thursday, June 16, 2005

hey susanna:)

Susanna - great to hear from you.

Was on a road trip over the weekend and am catching up.

Two things - in response (and this does not have to be only Susanna responding, of course...:)):

1] I'd be interested in you elaborating on how queering the internet - the ways in which it may disrupt (if at all) heternormative gender binaries to reproduce other saliences - in terms of desirable traits in subject positions within discursive and material transnational digital economies....

For instance, seeing how (granted the access is still class and geography specific in various ways) younger generations are social online in their everyday practices, and how some of these are also into Anime etc (and when you look at some more sophisticated anime - not always centered around marketing to the U.S. - there is some interesting gender blurring going on... ) - how are their notions of what it means to be gendered in a technomediated society shifting. How are gendered hegemonies rearticulated? And does rearticulation mean "liberation" in any sense?

(its like the telephone was for our generation - xcuse I meant MY generataion - quite transparent. I do remember though how there was awkwardness on the part of my grandmother and her generation - whatever I remember of her- in relation to acts of dialing and speaking in a phone...)

I look fwd to reading your book when it comes out.

2] Kris has asked about blogging experiences in the comments section to what you posted. And you mentioned being a "virgin" blogger... That question actually is for all of you, I'd say. And expanding upon what Kris says, what if anything is different about the way we dialogue at this interface?

What kinds of conversations might these sorts of formats foster, encourage etc.

hoping to hear from more of you ....

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