Sunday, June 05, 2005

Welcome again!

Hello all,

We were all asked to do "self-introductions and dialogue about the many facets of cyberfeminist work that are driving your research in general and the collection in particular."

So here goes.

I am associate prof in the School of Comm Studies at Bowling Green State U - been here 8 years. Working at the intersection of Race, Gender, Sexuality, Technology and Globalization mostly from Postcolonial Feminist angle. Inevitably, queer theory intersects with what I do as do various development studies related issues. I dont want to say I study "digital divide" - because I think that framework is limited - but I can say I am trying to re-articulate the notion of "divides"... I wont say I research online learning environments - but I will say I develop them and as a result of that, am engaged in various writing projects related to that.

So I have critical view on "cyberfeminism". Questions I would ask are about production, choice, and Agency in relation to code and design. In addition, complicity and resistance, silence and voice are themes I have explored. After all - as of now many of the internet savvy consumers are women! But the key word here is CONSUMERS...

Stuff I've done etc can be viewed from my attempt at a professional url -

(I say "attempt" and you'll see why;-))

My most recent published work includes my book "Cyberselves" (Altamira, 2004)

This July, I am off on Faculty improvement leave (one more way that we women get to "improve" upon ourselves - HA!) related field work in Cyberabad and nearby rural areas. But I am online periodically - even if not compulsively as I am usually.

Its been a pleasure reading your essays so far. So I hope to hear more.

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