Friday, June 10, 2005

Hi all

This is another blog virgin coming out: so thrilling! I'm writing in Helsinki, where it's still sunny at closer to 10 pm.

As for me, I'm doing a postdoc in women's studies at University of Turku and it seems I'll start as assistant professor on digital culture in another university in a few months. I've been working on cyberfeminism for some years, but I'm ambiguous as to how much I really identify with the term. I felt the cyberfeminist manifestos of the mid to late 1990s (from Sadie Plant to Old Boys Network) had a quite troubled relationship to, and definition of feminism, and a great deal of my work on cyberfeminism has been about analysing the prefix "cyber" and the meanings and histories it carries. (Some of this stuff is up at This was also a central question in my thesis which I finished a few years ago. After a lot of editing and cursing, it's coming out this year as a book from Peter Lang with the title Figures of Fantasy: Internet, Women and Cyberdiscourse.

My work is currently on online porn (bit too much of it, really)... but I'm generally working on Web, popular culture and feminist-queer thought. My contribution to this wonderful book project is on commercial sites for doll brands (Barbie, Bratz and the like), and the ways that girls become figured in them. I'm especially interested in theories of affect, but it remains to be seen how far I get with this.

Looking forward to hearing more from you all!


Blogger Kris said...

Welcome Susanna. It's great to be working with you on this collection; I've admired your work for some time. I agree that the term "cyberfeminist" is a bit monolithic and it's our hope through the collection to not reinscribe any essentialist tendencies of the type of work that may fall within this umbrella term with the goal of establishing a more inclusive framework for feminism in general and cyberspace study in particular. I'll be curious about your experiences with this and potentially other blogs. Women's and girl's blogs tend to get dissed in certain circles--I'm hopeful we can use this forum as a theory building tool.


Sunday, June 12, 2005 12:01:00 PM  

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